Tyneille Fogarty - Assistant Instructor

Tyneille Became a lover of the Jiu jitsu way when she realised the mental strength the martial art can provide. On the mats as well as off the mats, Tyneille became resilient and was able to overcome her inner demons and has helped countless of other females find new breathe in life as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Her and Brenton found companionship within each other and that only provided plenty of resourceful training time to sharpen her skills. Although she has not been training for long., Tyneille was able to complete one of her goals of travelling to Japan, and coming back as the 2019 Asia Championship Silver Medalist. Something not many people can call an achievement! 

 After Returning home to open arms and much praise for her efforts on and off the mats, Tyneille received her blue belt at the end of 2019. 

Tyneille has spent the last few years assisting the coaches of Perth Hills and has really taken a shine to expanding the growth of Females with the martial art. 

Favourite saying: " Do or do not, There is no try"