Brenton Chong - Owner/Head Instructor

Brenton has been training and learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 9 years,  a Black belt under the Legion 13 affiliation and has travelled the world learning from the very best in the art from self defence pioneers. From Ryon Gracie to World sporting champions such as Thalison Soares, Lachlan Giles, Kit Dale, John Will and many other renowned Australian and international Jiu Jitsu Athletes. Under Careful guidance of his head coach Michael Featherstone of Legion 13 Perth Hills; Brenton has earned the State Titles Championships 9x times. 4x silver in the Pan Pacific Championship nationals and various 3rd place achievements over the world. 

Brenton has spent many years as the assistant coach at Perth Hills and has grown and developed his teaching methods in ways that are fun, effective and understandable. With His coach's blessing Brenton has stepped out into his own Into the North of the River and Ellenbrook Surroundings to Bring the Legion 13 Etiquette and methods to the community. 

Favourite saying: " If you force an opporunity it will never come. Create your opportunities and they will come by the dozens"